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Muntu Booking Form

Booking Requirements

  • Please submit booking form at least 3 weeks before proposed booking date. Submissions later than 3 weeks will be more difficult to accommodate. 

  • Please Note that a 50% deposit is required to confirm booking (CPS EXCEPTION)!

  • 2 Dressing Rooms and a Holding Space for Artists (No Public Bathrooms)

  • Bottled water for Artists

  • Outside Events: A stage is required, in addition to the above.

  • Inside Events: Flooring should be wood, Marley, or have some form of padding. No concrete, carpet, grass, uneven flooring, or splintered flooring. 

    90-Minute Performances

  • Requires 2 Months in-advanced booking

  • Requires light food & water to be provided, in addition to the above requirements

To Book Muntu Dance Theatre for your event, Complete the form below.
Muntu Booking Form
Booking Type
Indoor or Outdoor Event
Requirement for Booking

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