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Muntu is traveling to 

Muntu's professional company is traveling to Dakar and Casamance in Senegal, December 27, 2022 through January 11, 2023. This journey will be a testament to Muntu’s 50 years of commitment to creating and sharing the art of traditional West African and African diasporic arts. 


Muntu’s educational, professional and artistic development relies on cultural exchange trips to Africa, where we learn in-person and dive deep into African roots and culture. Through cultural cooperation and network development of partnerships with professionals in Senegal, Muntu will continue to safeguard our tangible and intangible cultural heritage.


For the first time, Bakalama Dance Company has invited Muntu Dance Theatre to perform at the 8th Annual Dance & Music Festival of Thionk-Essyl (TH: pronounced CH) in Dakar on December 30, and Casamance on January 7. Muntu will share the stage with Bakalama Dance Company and the National Ballet of Senegal. 


Help support Muntu's first performance appearance in Senegal.

Your donation will make it possible for Muntu to continue our mission of sharing the beauty of African dance and music with audiences for the next 50 years in Chicago and beyond! 



If you are interested experiencing Senegal with us!!!!Please join us by registering with Idy Ciss and Senegal Trip


Cultural Exchange 

We are continuing to build community with Bakalama Dance Company by bridging the gap of our cultures through dance, music, language and history. 


Education and Professional Development

Through Muntu's cultural exchange, we can to continue research and study the intersections of Senegalese arts and culture to strengthen our education

and knowledge. 



Muntu Dance Theatre of Chicago has been invited to perform at the 8th Annual Dance & Music Festival of Thionck-Essyl (TH: pronounced CH).  This global (Two) four day interactive, multi-disciplinary cultural affairs. This festival features dance and music lecture demonstrations, workshops, marketplace and live performances.

Please stay tuned for more information.  

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