Executive Director

Sekou "Tepaka Lunda" Conde

Sekou Tepaka Lunda Conde, respected worldwide as an educator and djembe player, has had a life full of cultural learning, training, and drumming. He’s dedicated his life to progression and preservation of African culture and folklore.

Throughout his life, he has learned very valuable lessons from the greats of his homeland Africa and America. When he started with Muntu Dance Theatre in 1978, he received intense training in the art of West African drumming and ethics. His West African drumming education placed him at the feet of many masters, including Mamady Keïta, Famoudou Konaté, Abdoul Doumbia, and Laurent Camara. 

Early in his career, he produced original recordings of classical arrangements drawn from his West African roots and became an integral part of Memphis’s Nubian Dance Company and New Orleans’s Zulu Connection. During his time in the South, Conde reached out to those in search of their cultural identity, yearning to learn about Africa through the rich legacy of music, song and dance: He co-founded Memphis’s Bamana African Drum and Dance Ensemble and established the Djembekan School of Percussion.

In 2006, Conde toured with Legends of West Africa and Guinea, as well as West Africa's world-renowned all-women’s drum and dance company NIMBAYA!, formerly known as Les Amazones Women Master Drummers.

Conde launched the Kafolike School of Percussion in 2013 to educate children and adults in the culture, history, folklore and ethics of West African music. He then became program manager for Muntu's ACE (Arts for Community Empowerment) in-school and after school programming, and in 2017, he was named the company’s executive director.

A budding entrepreneur, Conde is also making his presence known in popular culture with three appearances on Fox’s “Empire” 

The intrinsic discipline and vast knowledge Conde has gained have taken his abilities to new heights, increasing his cultural devotion to traditional African values. Conde lectures and performs around the world, sharing the importance of traditional culture and the upliftment of young people everywhere.


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