AS'E: The Power To Make Things Happen

Join us for Muntu Dance Theatre's New September Concert Event: AS'E - The Power to Make Things Happen!

Ase PortraitSaturday, September 10th, 2016 - 8:00PM
at North Shore Center for the Arts
Tickets are on sale NOW (purchase them directly here): $22, $30 and $38

VIP luxury charter bus is also available — contact Muntu for details!
Call (773) 241-6080, or email Denise Brown for more information.

Come support us as we take the magic and the majesty of Muntu to the North Shore.
THIS SEASON, Muntu brings new, dynamic and authentic choreography to the stage, including Stacy L. Smith and Jeremy Noah's powerfully choreographed Decale' Gwada.

Decale' Gwada

An infusion of Cameroon Urban Dance, African Diaspora and Caribbean Dance Hall movements. This piece was created to celebrate the resilient and triumphant spirit of the soldiers of Guadeloupe, as they fought for independence.

Amansu Eason's Convergence

An intense and mesmerizing depiction of how intimately connected the Creator is to ALL things!!

Muntu's AS'E promises to take you on a deeply spiritual and intensely rhythmic journey like never before.

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