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Choreographer: Idy Ciss

Represents the spiritual washing a family performs when someone is to travel to ward off negativity and difficult challenges.  This piece also shows the celebration held in the honor of the one who travels upon their safe return.
Liberte': (French word for Freedom). A dance of freedom celebrating the independence of countries such as Guinea, Senegal and other that that have succeeded in their efforts to unify.
These two pieces are ofter performed together but can stand along as separate works.

Suite Nina

Choreographers: Deidre Dawkins & Kwame Opare

11 Dec Suite Nina 583

A journey through the life of legendary singer/activist Nina Simone. This work celebrates her power as a woman and her commitment to justice and fighting for change.


Choreographer: Abdoulaye Camara

A dance done primarily for rights of passage rituals that originates from the norther region of Senegal from the Bambara people.

Gye Nyame

Choreographer: Ronald K. Brown

Gye Nyame is an exploration of how we aim to live God-like, with the understanding that HE/SHE is everywhere and that liberation can be found in a faithful walk.


Choreographers: Amaniyea Payne & Idy Ciss

11 Roff Imania 583

“Roff” is a blend of special seasonings used in the national dish of Senegal. This piece shows how traditional dances of Senegal have been passed on to the younger generation, and how they have added their own spice to the dance, while staying true to the tradition.

SHOUTing Rings

Choreographer: Reggie Wilson

Shouting Rings 583

A dynamic piece based in the Ring Shout, a spiritual dance created by enslaved Africans in the America after being denied the drum.


Choreographer: Moustapha Bangoura

Sorsorne is a dance from Guinea West Africa. It is an initiation dance of young girls celebrating their coming of age. Hamana, is a dance presented by men indicating that strength is to take care of the family.

Memories N’ Time: A Collaboration with Reginald Robinson Available by Special Arrangement Only

Original Compositions by Reginald Robinson
World Premiere Choreography by Artistic Director Amaniyea Payne and Company Member Amansu Eason

Memories N’ Time is an evening length piece featuring original compositions by acclaimed composer/pianist Reginald Robinson and world premiere choreography by Muntu’s Artistic Director Amaniyea Payne and Company member/choreographer Amansu Eason. Memories N’ Time explores the cultural and rhythmic connections between the dance and music of ragtime, traditional African, high life, calypso and jazz.