Arts Education

Arts For Community Empowerment

In 1993, Muntu officially launched Arts for Community Empowerment (ACE) as its arts education program. ACE was created based on its belief that all children should have opportunities to participate actively in the arts, both in their schools and in their local and greater communities.

Muntu partners with schools, park districts, and other community centers to  provide quality training in dance, music and visual arts. Our programs are available for ages five to fifty.

Programming includes:

  • Hands-on residencies
  • Workshops 
  • Professional development for teachers and artists
  • Ensemble performances


Muntu’s core ACE programs are its school- and community-based residencies. Residencies provide youth-centered, sequential arts learning experiences for a period of eight to twenty weeks. Each residency includes a culminating presentation by the students for the school and community providing an opportunity for youth to express themselves and receive the recognition of their accomplishments by the larger community.


Donoghue Perf Drums "I want to remember everything for my whole life!"
 — 9-year-old ACE participant, describing what he'd remember
Gage Park Stretch "Taking Muntu dance for the second time, I learned more patience and discipline."
 — High school ACE participant

Support Muntu's ACE Programs

ACE provides rigorous arts training in African dance, music and folklore, while linking the arts to the academic curriculum. Many schools and community centers that want to expose young people to the art and culture of African and African American people lack the resources to bring Muntu to their facility. Muntu is committed to enhancing the creativity and confidence of our youth through dance, music and culture. We need your support to "fill the gap" between what it costs to provide high quality ACE programs and the financial resources available to schools and community organizations.

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